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Dean of the Security and Investigation Faculty

Curriculum Vitae

                      Dean of the Security and Investigation Faculty

                                      Prof. Dr. Ilirjan MANDRO


Ilirjan Mandro is born in 1961 in the city of Elbasan, Albania. He graduated in June 1984 and was awarded the diploma “senior police officer”. In March 1985, he successfully completed the post graduate training course and was certified as “Forensic Expert”.

In July 1991 he graduated from the Faculty of Law in Tirana University and was awarded the title “Lawyer”.

In September 2002 he graduated from the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) Budapest, Hungary (session 37).

In June 1994, he was awarded the title “Doctor” by the Faculty of Justice and in 1999, he was awarded the title “Master of Research”.

Mr. Mandro was awarded the title “Professor in Justice” by the Decision no.90/28.01.2004 of Scientific Qualification Commission in the Ministry of Education.

Currently he holds the rank of “First Leader” (Drejtues i Pare, in Albanian language). His professional career started in 1985. Initially he worked as forensic expert and crime scene specialist in several Regional Police Directorates such as Vlora, Lezha, Shkodra, Rrëshen and after that at the Forensic Police Institution in Tirana. His entire professional career is distinguished in the field of investigation and in crime scene examination in general and forensic science research in particular.

He started to work at the Public Order Academy in 1991, first as assistant lecturer in the Forensic Sciences, and later on as lecturer in the same subject. He is still working on his research studies in Forensics. Mr. Mandro has worked as lecturer for the subject of Criminal Law as well (General and Specific Part of Criminal Law).

In the period 1993-2008 he has worked as Head of Department for Criminal Law in the Public Order Academy. In 2001 he was promoted to the position of Deputy Director of Police Academy “Arben Zylyftari”. Following the establishment of Post Graduate School in the Police Academy, he was appointed the Head of the Post Graduate School. In 2008 Mr. Mandro was appointed Head of the Unit for Continuous Training, On-the-job Trainings and Field Trainings in the in Albanian State Police.

Since June 2015 he is promoted to the position of Dean of Crime Investigation Faculty in the Security Academy and from September 2016 he is promoted as Dean of Crime Investigation and Security Faculty”.

From 1993 onwards he has contributed as lecturer of Forensics in the Faculty of Justice of Tirana University and from 2008 as guest lecturer in the Department of Justice at “Ismail Qemali” University in Vlora. Since 2004 and onwards he is lecturer of Forensics in the School of Magistrates.

Mr. Mandro has contributed as “trainer” in many courses organized by Police Assistance Missions, such as ICITAP (USA), PAMECA (European Union) and other international organizations.

For many years he has been the principal research advisor for several PhD candidates as well as member of boards that were set up to examine thesis of candidates, who have applied to get the title of “Professor” and “Associated Professor” in the area of criminal right at the Faculty of Law of Tirana University. He is a member of several boards for accreditation of programs in the faculties of law of some universities.

He has attended qualification and specialization courses inside and outside the country, such as in the United States of America, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, etc. on investigation, forensic sciences, fight against terrorism, management of critical situations, operational leadership and management, leadership and strategic analysis as well as in the area of teaching.

Prof. Dr. Ilirjan  Mandro is author of several university textbooks, such as “Crime Scene Examination in Homicide Cases”; “Methodologies for Road Traffic Accident Investigations”; “Through the labyrinths of ballistics”; “Criminalistics on identification of firearms; “The Criminal Right (General and Specific Part)”; “Criminology/Penology”, “Crime Scene Examination in Air Accidents”; “Tactics and techniques employed during the questioning process”; “Knowledge on Criminalistics”; “Criminalistics, First and Second Part; “Forensic Police Institute” and he is coauthor of the manuals on “Domestic Violence”, “The ABCs of Policing”; “Police and Human Rights” etc.

He has delivered speeches at over 37 national and international conferences on topics related to Crime Investigation, Development of Police Education Process and Continuous Trainings in Police Educational Systems.