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Academy of Security History

Higher Education in Albanian State Police started in 1972. Based on the Decision of the Council of Ministers (DCM), No. 184, dated 20.12.1971, it was established the three-year Higher Education School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The official opening of the Higher Education School and the beginning of the development of regular teaching programs started in September 1972.

This school was part of the Higher Education System (initially a non-university one), full-time for two academic years and then a one-year internship in the local police stations. Upon completion of internship and graduation, the student was entitled a "Police Officer". The school prepared specialists in the field of security, police and border. In addition to this school, there also existed the system of six to nine months courses.

In 1973, there was introduced the part-time system, which lasted for four academic years.

In May 1979, Higher Education School studies lasted three years full-time, and one year of internship in the police service. After the graduation exam, the students gained the title of "Police Officer".

In 1984, the Higher Education School got a complete physiognomy in terms of changing teaching programs, scientific research activity, pedagogical staff and didactic basis. The school started to function within a four-year full-time system and a five-year part-time one. During this period a large number of staff and police specialists gained very good ethics and the necessary professional skills.

Police forces, from 1946 until the opening of the Lower Police School in 1986, were trained through several months’ trainings in special instruction centers. The Lower Police School was a two-year system. In 1991, this school was transformed into a Police Institute, lasting one year.

In September 1992, by the DCM No. 405, dated 15 September 1992, the Public Order Academy was established, which consisted of the Higher Education School and the one-year Police Institute.

After 1992, the school underwent changes in the organization, de-politicization of curricula and internal democratization. She prepared only medium-level police officers and very little of the basic role. For the first time, in September 1993, female students were admitted to the Academy to get the necessary preparation to become police officers.

By DCM No. 281, dated 02.06.2000, the School got the name of the "Police Academy".

In August 2005, with the support of the ICITAP and PAMECA program, started the process of reforming the Albanian police training system, and in September 2006 it was launched the first program for basic police training, which lasted for 20 weeks.

By DCM No. 135, dated 11.2.2009 "On the closure of the Police Academy ‘Arben Zylyftari” and the reorganization of police education as an integral part of the State Police Directorate", the Academy ceased its activity as a higher and lower education institution, and went down to the level of a Police Training Center.

In the Albanian State Police Law No. 108/2014, Article 37 provides for Police to have its own educational institution responsible for the formation, specialization and qualification of the employees of the State Police structures at the operational, administrative and managerial level. Pursuant to this Article, by DCM No. 185, on 25 February 2015, it was established the Academy of Security.