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Director/Rector of Academy of Security



  Name:                         Bilbil Shefqet Memaj


  Date of Birth:            15 February 1959, Fier, Albania


  Rank:                          Senior Leader


                                             Actual Position:       Director/Rector of Academy of Security




  • September 2014 – present, Director/Rector of the Security Academy

  • October 2013 – September 2014, Director of Strategic Studies, General Directorate of the State Police

  • November 2000 - September 2002, General Director of the State Police

  • April 2000 – November 2000, Director of Tirana Regional Directorate

  • May 1999 - April 2000, Director of Shkodër Regional Directorate

  • September 1997 - May 1999, Chief of Rapid Reaction Forces, General Directorate of the State Police

  • December 1983 - September 1993, Lecturer, Head of Department and Deputy Director of the Police High School of the Ministry of Interior, today the Security Academy

  • December 1982-December 1983, Company Commander, National Garda;

  • June 1982 - December 1982, Instructor in the School of the Armed Forces General Staff in        Zall-Herr, Tirana

  • May 1981 - June 1982, Military Intelligence Company Commander in Fier Region, Armed Forces General Staff.




  • Armed Forces Academy, Military Intelligence Officer                                

  • Police Academy

  • Master in National Security

  • PhD, Scientific Rank “DOCTOR”, Leadership in State Police 

    Academic Certificates:

  • Post-University Exam, Philosophy (1987 Tirana University);

  • Post-University Exam, Russian Language (1988 Tirana University);

  • Post-University Exam, General Psychology (1985 Tirana University);

  • Leadership for Security and Rule of Law 2016, Hague, Netherland

  • Train the Trainers, Tirana 2016



  • Teaching Methods (with French experts, 1992), Tirana Counter-Terrorism Course (1998), Cairo, Egypt

  • Course for Senior Police Leaders over Strategic Planning, ICITAP – US Department of Justice, 1999, Tirana

  • Management of Governmental Crises, (Washington DC), USA 2000

  • Police and Human Rights, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2001

  • Police Schooling in EU, Metropolitan Police - Manchester; England, 2001;

  • Police Cooperation with the Community, Sweden 2013;

  • American Training Methods for Police, Texas, USA 2015;

  • Basic Training of Police, Michigan, USA 2016



  • Transformation of Albanian Police, Brussels, 2001

  • International Conference of the Police Chiefs on Organized Crime, Chicago, USA, 2001

  • Police and minorities, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2001

  • Cooperation of Regional Police, Hungary 2001

  • Organization of Police Chiefs of South-Eastern Police, “SEPCA” Pula, Croatia, 2002

  • Crime Prevention (National Conference organized by EU) May 2002

  • Balkan Security (Conference by Security Association), Tirana 2012;

  • Scientific conference on the occasion of the 100-th anniversary of the Albanian State Police, Tirana 2012

  • Participation in the discussions of the Scientific Conference, 5-th NATO Anniversary, organized by Albanian University, 2014 Tirana

  • Participation and discussions in the scientific conference: “Role of higher education for the functioning of integration into EU”, WISDOM University, 2015, Tirana

  • International Conference in Vernjaska Banja (police training) Serbia 22 to 25 September 2015 from ICITAP

  • Conference in Pristine “Networking and Networks”from OSCE dated 28.10.2015

  • International Conference in Pristine, AAB University, topic: “Police Leadership”, dated on 21.11.2015

  • “International Scientific Conference” The role and effectiveness of investments in the Integration Process of the Balkan Societies after Stabilization Association Agreement dated on 01.04.2016, in Ulcinj, Montenegro

  • International Conference in Tirana “Role of Education for the growth of the Public Security”, dated on 01.11.2016



  • Police, Law and Politics, Newspaper “Sot”, 2003

  • Internal Police Control Service a Political Structure, 2005

  • Success Against Crime as a Political Success, 2006

  • Politics, a big barrier for the State Police, (Publication March 2006)

  • Police between Law and Political Will, 2006

  • Reforms in State Police, (Publication in 2006, “Korrieri” Newspaper)

  • How will the Security Academy Function, May 2015

      Scientific Articles:

  • To lead under stress means to know it and the psycho-physical factors that come out of it, (Co-Author). Tirana, Albania

  • Leader’s Role in Police Management, Macedonia

  • Delegation of Competences in leading the organization. Ulqin, Montenegro

  • Public Security and Police Management, Tirana, Albania

  • The Role of Police in the Management of Public Security Environment (European Journal of Research and Reflection in Management Sciences), LONDON, UK

  • Security and Anti-Terrorism (Co-Author), Tirana, Albania

  • Internal State of State Police (Co-Author)

  • Suicide in Albania in the years 2005 - 2015 (Co-Author)

  • Public Security is achieved through educated and intellectual specialists


  • Leadership in State Police

    Professional Accomplishments:

  • Author and Co-Author of many laws and manuals in the work of the State Police



  • Knowledge in Computer Programs like: Windows XP, Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Power Point, Internet Explorer

  • Knowledge on packages used by information systems for managers like: Accounting, Central Management Systems of Security Systems, etc



  • English – Fair

  • Russian – Fair



  • Deputy/Colonel                               1991

  • Colonel                                              1999

  • First Leader (Two-Star General), (President’s Decree No. 3232) dated 22.01. 2002

  • Senior Leader                                  2015



  • Honor Medal Holder on the occasion of the 100-th Police Anniversary, dated on 13.01.2013

  • Medal Holder “Pride of Cakran” (Birth Village)

  • Medal Holder “Pride of Mallakastra” (Birth Region)

  • Director of the board of “International Consortium for Crime Prevention” - (NGO); 2002                                      

  • Peace Ambassador (NGO) – 2006

  • “Honor Medal” Holder on the occasion of the 104-th Police Anniversary, dated on 13.01.2017